The effects of micro-clustered water

The importance of water for any life form does not need to be proven. Nonetheless, not all types of water have the same effects on plants. Studies have shown that micro-clustered water helps plants reach maturity faster while increasing their nutritional value. Micro-clustered water concerns the organization of its molecules, which is constantly changing under the influence of external factors. We use the magnetic field technique to erase the memory of water and bring it back to its original state.

The use of micro-clustered water on the Roka farm has increased the quality and flavour of our fruits. During the summer, apple trees are watered with micro-clustered water thanks to a specific filter (living water generator) brought from Japan whose unique properties create a magnetic field in a triple structure. It neutralizes the water, removing its memory and giving it antimicrobial properties. The effects on farm apples are obvious.

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